Seminars & Services

The Political Theology Toolkits (PTT). The PPT’s listed below offer you great flexibility in choosing the toolkit that best suits the needs of your group or congregation.

Bethlehemspend an evening or Saturday morning for a “how to” crash course on understanding what political/public theology is about.  For each PTT listed here, Marcia highly recommends we share an agape meal/dinner, including Holy Eucharist (HE), with an interactive homily. From there we explore our rights, work through some IRS-501 (c)(3) scenarios for churches. We need to understand our call to public theology through our biblical tradition, and we will explore some important passages to clarify our calls.

Jerusalema 1-day* “how to” course that builds on our starting place in Bethlehem. This PTT is more in depth than the Bethlehem PTT. It offers more group work to develop a beginner political theology action project.

Mediterraneaa multiple day seminar specifically designed for a diocesan or other judicatory staff, a group of parishes, and/or for a general audience at a convention, involving a keynote address, preaching and teaching by Marcia Ledford.

*a “day” is 5 hours plus lunch and a Q & A at the end. Pricing varies depending on the unique needs of each client. For example, the Bethlehem PTT has a flat fee of $500.00 plus additional services.



Prior to determining the correct combination of services, Marcia will spend time with you, in person or via Zoom. It will help Marcia to understand what challenges you and the congregation are facing, so that she can fully prepare for our time together. Marcia may even suggest some pre-seminar activities as preparation for the participants. And, of course, this will help us develop a rapport.


After consulting with you Marcia can preach based on those conversations and will use the Revised Common Lectionary or a specific passage as appropriate. She can preach as part of the PTT or as a Sunday guest preacher and celebrant. Click here to view some of her recent sermons.