The Bethlehem Seminar

Discover our call to public mission.

BethlehemSpend an evening or Saturday morning for a “how to” crash course about what public theology is all about.  For each PTT listed here, Marcia highly recommends we share an agape meal/dinner with a “table-chat” sermon and communion.

From our sermon conversation, we will explore our rights of free speech. Afterwards, we explore what churches groups can say and do in the public square. We need to understand our call to public mission. We will discuss the call of Moses in the Hebrew Testament. Following that, we will explore Jesus’ call to public ministry on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection.

The First Amendment provides unequaled protections for us. We have rights to freely exercise our religion, to free speech, and for a free press. Just as important are the right to petition the government and to assemble peaceably. In sum, let’s learn about our rights and work together for greater social justice.